Monday, February 20, 2012

From B-School to President of the United States

Okay. So only two people have actually gone from b-school to the President of the United States: George W. Bush got his MBA from Harvard Business School and John F. Kennedy attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business. But that's still 5% of all Presidents. And many of them studied business and economics as undergrads, including Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

Law school is a much more common road -- 12 Presidents took that path including our current Commander-in-chief Barack Obama. And one President even attended med school -- William Henry Harrison.

Surprisingly, 10 former Presidents never even graduated college -- a list that includes 2 dropouts and 8 never-wents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Overall, most US Presidents have had a college education, including five of the first seven.

In total, the 44 Presidents have attended 31 different colleges. Here is the breakdown by school -- which includes 8 of our partners (26%) -- both grad schools and undergrad:

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