Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't you just "love" our exclusive network?

Since today is February 14th, I decided to take a more lighthearted look at our exclusive network of employers and talent to see just how much "love" we really have for you. The findings were particularly rosy and sweet.

The MBA Focus network currently includes:
  • 29 MBAs with the last name "Love"
  • 106 MBAs with "love" in their name
  • 51 MBA-required job postings that mention "love"
  • 3 recruiters with the last name "Love"
  • 360 MBAs with "rose" in their name
  • ... to view the full list visit our blog
And if you really do love our exclusive network, tell us why by visiting https://www.mbafocus.com/Testimonials.aspx.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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