Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 5 tips to improve your job-seeker profile

You've undoubtedly completed a handful of online profiles over the past 5 years. You have a Facebook profile, a Twitter bio, a LinkedIn resume, and maybe even a MySpace account. You've also probably created profiles on your favorite news and shopping sites. These profiles are a dime-a-doze, with standard questions (i.e. favorite quotes, movies, job title, interests, and accomplishments) and generic information for the general public. Anyone can signup, and everyone's profile looks the same. It is not a niche network or an exclusive club.

The MBA Focus network is as exclusive as it gets. Only top-ranked b-schools and elite MBA students or alumni from those programs can join. Plus every MBA employer who wants access to this top talent must first be approved by each school's career service office. But even with such limited competition, it can be hard to stand out as an elite job-seeking MBA candidate.

The MBA Focus job-seeker profile is designed to help you differentiate yourself from other MBAs with similar resumes. Here are five tips to improve your profile:

  1. Be Complete: Don't just complete the required sections. Fill out as many fields as you can, including the top 5 most searched-on profile attributes: Geographic Preference, Industry Experience, Function Experience, Function Preference, Industry Preference.
  2. Be Accurate: Don't just select...

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