Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 reasons recruiters use Global Focus®

Global Focus is more than jaust a resume database. It is a complete recruitment management tool.

Each year, employers use Global Focus to perform a multitude of recruitment tasks. And every year, the Global Focus tool goes through upgrades and feature enhancements that add to the recruiters arsenal. In 2012, Global Focus users:
  • printed 1,066,436 resumes
  • exported contact info for 264,273 candidates
  • analyzed 94,155 job-seeker profile details
  • performed 91,887 advanced searches
  • sent 60,307 emails to candidates
  • shared 8,702 notes about candidates  
  • posted 2,484 MultiPost jobs
  • conducted 12 live virtual interviews
  • conducted 4 pre-recorded virtual interviews   
Interested in getting in on the action in 2013? Contact us for more details or view the demo here:

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