Thursday, August 16, 2012

History of MBA Focus

In partnership with the world’s top-ranked graduate business schools, MBA Focus has created the most comprehensive recruiting network available. For more than two decades, these school partners—and the companies that employ their students and alumni—look to us for advanced recruiting technology solutions, best practices, and innovation.

Here is a quick history of MBA Focus:
  • 1987 – Company founded to create Computerized Career Services Offices
  • 1991 – Pioneering partnership with Harvared Business School to distribute the first searchable MBA CV database
  • 1992 – Partnerships with majority of top North American MBA programs and several top European Programs
  • 1996 – Created MBA Quick Search recruiter product with all CV’s in one searchable resume database
  • 2004 – Launched new Career Management Solution (CMS) with Kellogg School of Management
  • 2006 – Hosted first annual Connections Conference
  • 2007 – Started to serve all MBA candidate populations including alumni
  • 2007 – Publishes white paper on "New Directions in MBA Recruiting"
  • 2008 – Hosted first MBACSC Europe Conference
  • 2008 – Launched new Global Talent System (GTS) product for MBA career service offices
  • 2008 – Publishes white paper on "A Single Path to Hire MBA Talent"
  • 2008 – Saved over 75 trees per year by no longer offering printed resume books
  • 2009 – Introduced new MultiPost network to distribute jobs to 60+ schools at once
  • 2010 – Grew to service over 50,000 job-seeking candidates
  • 2011 – Partnered with InterviewStream to integrate virtual interviewing into MBA recruitment process at top b-schools
  • 2011 – Launched new website for employers, schools, and candidates
  • 2011 – Expanded focus to high-potential undergraduate talent with Global Focus "U"
  • 2012 – Created first Mobile App for candidates to manage MBA recruitment process on-the-go
  • 2012 – Hosted first National Energy Forum MBA recruitment event at Houston's Bauer College of Business
  • 2012 – Launched the all-new Global Focus 3.0 MBA recruitment product
  • 2012 – Announced innovative new JobMatch technology to automatically match job postings with job-seeking candidates

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