Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Top 10 things we learned at Connections 2012

Representatives from 24 top business schools and 26 leading MBA employers attended Connections 2012 "The MBA Community: Positive Leadership, Changing Times” hosted by MBA Focus in Columbus, Ohio.

We are very proud that this conference continues to be the premiere event for thought leadership in MBA recruitment. We truly appreciate the ideas, comments, and willingness to share year after year. This kind of rich and open dialogue makes it possible for all of us to succeed.

Below is a list of the top 10 key thoughts, discussion points, and takeaways from the presentations, moderated panels, and keynotes at Connections 2012. Please keep these in mind as you prepare for the upcoming season. Feel free to call or email us with additional thoughts. You can also post your comments below.
  1. Video interviewing is perfect for companies seeking international candidates; and for candidates seeking international opportunities
  2. Currently 10%-20% of MBAs are placed internationally, but the demand for international candidates/opportunities is increasing.
  3. MBA students are already very interested in being global; the next step is helping them with going global.
  4. Recruiters say building global brand is...

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