Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do internships affect MBAs' career paths?

Half-way through the graduate business schooling process most MBA students participate in an internship. By this time, many MBAs know what they want to do and where they want to work, but the MBA internship is the final confirmation -- for most! For some MBAs, the summer internship can be an enlightening experience that ultimately changes their career path.

Take the current 2nd-year class of MBA students preparing to graduate this summer for example. The majority of them spent last summer in an internship in the investment banking / brokerage industry:
  1. Investment Banking / Brokerage 6.26%
  2. Strategy 5.24%
  3. Investment Management 4.89%
  4. Internet Services / E-Commerce 4.86%
  5. Private Equity 4.48%
  6. Software 2.83%
  7. Beverages / Food 2.71%
  8. Management 2.51%
  9. Hedge Funds 2.49%
  10. Retail 2.44%
After completing their summer internships, however, the same class of 2012 MBA students now prefers a career in...

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