Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Reasons to Pre-Order Resume Books

Pre-ordering the 1st-year class of 2013 and 2nd-year class of 2012 resume books is the absolute best way to find and hire the top-tier MBA talent - and here are four reasons why:
1. Get Access First! Gain access to the resume books the moment they become available to search.
2. Beat Your Competition! Pre-ordering the resume books gives the career service office time to approve your access before it is released to other employers.
3. View the Entire Class! Filter the largest and best group of candidates before anyone else has a chance to contact them.
4. Discounted Prices! Save money by pre-ordering the entire population of job-seeking candidates (1st-year interns, graduating 2nd-year students, and experienced alumni) at once.
Don't wait - Pre-order the resume books and start the MBA recruiting process today!

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